Week 1, take 2

As our first week in Mumbai came to a close, we’d already done so much.  One of the highlights was a tour through the Tata Motors assembly line.  As we arrived, they had a sign welcoming us, we took some photos, then were ushered into the “indoctrination room.”  Almost every large Indian company has one.  It’s where they show you videos (sometimes play company anthems) telling/serenading you with their praises.  Truly something to behold.  I left every site visit wondering if they thought I was an investor looking where to place FDI or who to start a JV with.

The trip out to Tata Motors was a long one – about 3.5 hours exactly.  Following the tour, they brought in two specialists – both from supply chain: one materials and the other pricing.  It’s amazing to be able to meet so many intelligent, successful people from many different companies in such a short period of time.  We left Tata and headed to Cognizant – a professional ITES (IT Enabled Services) firm.  They wouldn’t let us take photos, but I was able to sneak one.  They too had a nice digital sign welcoming up to their premises.  They gave a couple of great presentations.  My favorite was when the head of they “Cognizant Consulting Services” explained how they’ve been moving into the management consulting space; no longer pigeon-holed as an IT only firm.  For lunch, pizza.  It’s hilarious how many firms are scared to be the one who gives the grad students “Delhi Belly.”  To be fair, it was the best pizza we’ve had (Dominoes twice and Pizza Hut once).

One week down, Dharavi Slum Tour this weekend.  Hopefully some time by the pool, and definitely time spent working to perfect our project to be delivered to CRISIL next week!  One last picture: Nam and Charles keepin’ in gangster in Mumbai?


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