The Bosphorus Cruise!!

This was our second weekend in Istanbul. Some of us went around the city to experience the mixed bag of the Grand Bazaar, some wanted to enjoy the Bosphorus coast and some were busy preparing for the upcoming presentations for Ford Otosan. Although I did all of the above, my heart was on the final of the Champions League final to be played between Chelsea and Bayern Munich on Saturday night. I had promised drinks to my buddies if Chelsea won that evening. I was more than happy to do so when Chelsea eventually became kings of Europe. .


 As I said, I had done all of the above things over the weekend. My started with the Grand Bazaar, where I was floored by the art and craft that is involved in the making of lamps and the other Turkish specialties like head-scarfs and shawls. We spent about 4 hours in the Bazaar, but honestly, one can spend an entire day there and it won’t be enough to see everything. From there, we moved to Bosphorus and hopped onto a boat for a cruise.


After the Turkish bath, this would be something I would advise not to miss when one is in Istanbul. The 90 minute ride is divided equally to let one enjoy the views of the European and the Asian coast of Istanbul. Most of us came back home and watched the Champions League Final and headed out to go around the city later.


 I spent the next two days preparing for the Client Report and the presentation. Most of us did the same. We did have some room for fun as Monday was an off day too. We needed to submit our Final Client Reports by Monday night. The visit to their office had made us tweak our recommendations a bit and think about some more ways to fulfill their expectations. Did GMBA’s do that? That’s in the coming posts for you..



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