It keeps getting better!!

Our first business meeting for the second week was none other than with the Istanbul Stock Exchange. This again was a first time for many. We were given a brief explanation of how the Stock Exchange works, the session, the components, the National and the Secondary National Markets, the regulatory bodies and how in the recent past, the exchange has seen many ups and downs related to the national and the European economy which dictates most of what happens in Turkey. After the information session, we were allowed entry into the exchange to see how the new electronic system works.


The wooden slates which were in use many years back is still placed in memory of the slate method. Prof. Akyuz, who has previously seen how the slate method used to worked, explained us how the different functions of the exchange were carried out in those days.


The next day was another highlight as we visited the International Finance Corporation, more popularly known as the IFC. It is a part of the World Bank Organization. We met IFC employees from different regions who worked together in the Istanbul branch. It came as a surprise to most of us that the Turkey branch was the biggest outside of Washington DC, where the headquarters of the organization is located.


There was a special presentation by them which focused on IFC’s work in the Auto-motive sector and in the Healthcare area in Turkey. This was a great time for all of us to ask questions about what they and the World Bank is doing to improve the conditions in the nation.


Once that was done, we all came back to the hotel and began preparing for the final presentation for our clients. This was the acid-test. We were ready to take on the world.



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