“Experience is the value of time and money that one has lost”

The above phrase was the learning of the day for us as we met some extremely important people on Tuesday. As you read the upcoming blogs on this epic trip, you will realize that this was just the beginning!! Our first meeting was with Dr. Ercan Tezer – General Secretary, Automotive Manufacturers Association, Turkey. He spoke about the current situation of Turkish Automotive Industry and also about the plans that the Turkish government has for the growth in the business. He also mentioned about the passion in Turkey towards having its own national automobile brand. He shared his experience in the field and how his thoughts on how the volatile European markets would have an effect on the Turkish economy. My lunch after the session was delicious. I enjoyed one of the best Turkish kebab’s – Adani Kebab at a nearby mall.


Our post-lunch meeting was with one of the biggest names in the Turkish Business Arena. We had a chance to meet the Chairman of Dogus Automotive – Mr. Aclan Acar. It was more than just meeting him. He spoke for an hour about how the Dogus group has grown in Turkey and also shared his insights on the importance of the after sales and services business in the Automotive Sector. In case you are wondering where the title of this blog came from, it was a phrase mentioned by Mr. Acar during his presentation.


In the coming blogs, I will be sharing my thoughts on our first visit to the Best Auto-manufacturing plant in Europe – Ford Otosan.



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