Week 1, Part 1

On Tuesday we had our first site visit to our client’s company.  CRISIL, for whom we are consulting, is located in one of India’s most prestigious townships, Hiranandani, Powai.  Their building is one of the few platinum LEED certified in the country.  of the 9 floors, ever other floor has a large garden where employees are required to be for eating and drinking.  This is both to oxygenate the building and to ensure waste stays in specific spots to be sorted and recycled.  We got to meet their chief economist who gave us a great presentation on the current state of India, its growth limitations, and CRISIL’s outlook for the next 5 years.  Over lunch we had the opportunity to meet the CEO and chat with her about how we’ve enjoyed our exploits in the country thus far.  Here are a few pictures from our CRISIL visit:

After lunch, we went to go meet the 41st richest man in India: Niranjan Hiranandani.  We sat around the table and each asked him a question, to which he usually provided a self-absorbed, defensive, “everyone is jealous” of me type answer.  Carlos asked him, “Why are your elevator’s so small,” which couldn’t have been more accurate (he didn’t like being criticized though – even jokingly).  He’s nonetheless one of the most successful and well-known real estate developers in the country.  A four bedroom apartment in his complex goes for about US$2 million, though it didn’t seem worth that from the outside.  Another great experience organized from Professor Phene (most well-connected professor at GW!)

The next day we visited Franklin Templeton and DOW Chemical.  both great experiences.  Following that, we got to see IBM’s headquarters in India, as well as those of the largest private shipping company in India, Great Ship Ltd.  Some of the fun captured here:

C’mon Phil… smile!


We finished the week with a 3.5 hour bus ride to Pune to visit Tata Motors and Cognizant.  A Jurassic Park style tour through the Tata facilities was amazing.  One of groups got to experience the vehicle test track.  The robotics on the assembly lines were extremely impressive.  Lastly was Cognizant, a professional services IT outsourcing/off-shoring company.  They took great care of us – pizza for lunch and “high tea” following the presentations.  Enjoy the photos…



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