Love at first sight…

We have seen a lot in Istanbul in the first three days itself. Our hotel “Richmond International” is located in the middle of the Istiklal Street which is one of the prime locations in Istanbul. The famous Taksim Square is a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel. The trip began with a grand dinner at a restaurant – “Mekan” near our hotel.


We arrived on a day when the city of Istanbul was divided between the fans of two local football clubs, who were playing the final game of the Turkish Football Super league for the national championship. The team that won the title – Galatasaray was from the European section of Istanbul, where were staying. The streets were owned till the early hours of the next day by their fans wearing the team’s jersey, dancing and playing local musical instruments. 


The city tour was planned for the next day. We began our tour with the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sophia Museum. The Tour Guide with us was an expert on Turkish history and archeology. She provided us with details about the historical importance of the heritage sites. We went on to make a trip to the famous Topkapi Palace Museum and the Basilica Cistern.


After our trip around the city, we had some business to take care off the next day. We visited the Garanti Bank Securities Office in Turkey on Monday morning. They gave a presentation on the current Turkish economy and the effects of the huge Current Account Deficits on the foreign policies of the nation. We were extremely happy after receiving such a detailed presentation from a firm as big as them. This presentation was valuable for almost every group since it helped us better understand and predict the state of the Turkish markets in the coming days. The next 4 hours were pure pleasure! We enjoyed the beautiful view of the Bosphorus coast from a roof top at the Behcesehir University during lunch.



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