Airport to Brazil T minus 4 hours!

I can almost see the piranhas swimming up the Amazon River, I am so close to leaving DC for exotic Brazil.  In a few hours I’ll hop in a metro, to a bus, to Dulles, to Miami to Sao Paolo.  It’s gonna be quite a trip!  A group of 6 of us are planning on finding each other upon arrival to share a taxi to the Golden Tulip Belas Artes Hotel. Ignoring the fact that only one of us has ever landed in Sao Paolo before, I am just praying that 6 MBA students are resourceful enough to find each other in a crowded airport!

Most of the Brazil CAP has already landed and has been enjoying a mini Brazilian vacation before our trip begins.  I decided to stay behind to visit some friends, however that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get a chance to enjoy a little taste of Brazil with my teammates before they left. In order to have some bonding time before  everyone went on their separate ways during the week between our final final exam and our CAP start date we all went to The Grill from Ipanema to enjoy some delicious brazilian food with Professor Robles and Dean Riddle and her family.

A few of us at the Grill from Ipanema. Sorry for the bad iphone picture, trust me we all looked way better than that.

Now it is my turn to leave and I’ve been frantically trying to pack everything for the past few days.  I picked up my malaria pills, I got my hepatitis A, typhoid, yellow fever shots, massive amount of bugspray, gifts for the community children, gifts for the adults, new clothes (Ok that wasn’t exactly necessary but I was already on a spending money roll, couldn’t resist) and now I am just hoping that everything will fit and that it will be under the weight  limit.

I know it has only been a week since I’ve seen my HoneyBees and the rest of the Brazil-CAP but it feels like so much more. I have already heard of Matt K.’s horror story of getting stranded on the tarmac for 2.5 hours as part of his 9 hour delayed flight, so here’s to hoping that my next blog post isn’t about my own terrible flight experience!

See you in Sao Paolo avid readers!



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