Great start in Peru

Greeting’s from Lima!

We’ve been so busy since we arrived that we’ve hardly had a minute of free time to ourselves. Our hotel wanted to make sure we started our trip the right way, by offering us complementary Pisco Sour. We all agree that this is a great drink and we’ve been ordering them almost daily. On Sunday, our first full day here, we took a bus tour of Lima. We made a stop at Plaza Da Armas, or Mayor’s plaza, and got to see the Peruvian white house.

Just a couple of blocks away from the President’s house is Monasterio De San Francisco one of the first churches in Peru. Our tour guide brought us down into the Catacombs where researchers have uncovered hundreds of thousands of bodies and have arranged the bones in different patterns throughout the catacombs. It was creepy to be down there.

We got an early start on Monday heading to Belcorp Headquarters to meet with Mr. Belmont, the CEO of Belcorp. He thanked us for coming down from DC and then we split up into two groups and headed deep into Lima to get to know some of Belcorp’s consultants, saleswomen. My group had a great experience; we got to meet a real outstanding zone manager who loved helping young women build their careers. Next we met an estrella, or star, consultant who is the #23 consultant in Peru. Our final visit of the day was with this wonderful family whose two daughters are recipients of Belcorp’s Grandes Mujeres scholarship.

Yesterday we went to Proinversion, a Peruvian Government agency whose task is to bring FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) into Peru. It was interesting to see what steps they are taking to bring more investment into Peru, such as the necessity to differentiate their government from Venezuela and Argentina in the eyes of the world. After our meeting we drove out to one of the younger districts of Lima, Villa El Salvador, and met with the city manager to learn more about the challenges they face in trying to build up a poor but entrepreneurial people. They brought us to a furniture cluster to show us how they were using innovative techniques to produce quality furniture at prices their people could afford. It was a really inspiring experience!


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