Final Check Up

I can’t believe our last “in-the-U.S” CAP class was last Friday.  In
the midst of studying for final exams to get good grades, we were
given a dose of reality.   This CAP project is not about a grade, it’s
about helping “real” people.   To help us gage if we are on the right
track with our preliminary recommendations all four teams presented to
a panel of expert judges.  To add pressure to the HoneyBee team,
amongst the four judges was Dr. Doebel, the expert apiculturist who
had helped us before.

Team Eco-Tourism is up first,

Then, Articraft

Then the HoneyBees

And then finally team Piranah

Overall all the teams did very well.  The judges were all very
interested in our projects, so much so in fact that no one saw the
time go by and we finished class 20 minutes late.  Team HoneyBee
received great feedback from the judges; the major takeaways were 1)
Forget about pasteurization, it will kill all of the active medicinal
ingredients of the honey, instead investigate a “vaccum”(sous-vide)
idea where the client could suck up the extra air in the glass jar to
prevent the honey to spoil, 2)Think of a tagline and label design, 3)
Attach a brochure with the honey sold to tourists explaining the
history of this honey and its medicinal properties.  We plan on
implementing our original ideas as well as the new feedback from our
presentation once we get on the field.

Brazil CAP and the judges


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