When to go International?

“Only when going International adds value”

–          Dr. Lucea. (Class of International Management)

Everyone who has been a part of the Global MBA Program at GWU in the recent years will relate to this. Well, the Class of 2013 is about to test it.

The Finals are over, the bags are packed and more importantly Facebook Wall’s have been updated with “1 year of my MBA is done. Next 2 weeks in Istanbul”. YES..that is important. This week has been rough for most of us due to the final exams and the package that comes along with it. But the inverse relation between the number of days left for the CAP journey and the level of excitement kept us going. (You see the effect of the Finance and Analytics using Forecasting Final Exams right here…) The mock presentations held last week in the presence of an esteemed panel of judges helped us prepare ourselves better before we put forth our recommendations to our clients whilst in Turkey. (Another one of Dr. Akyuz’s brilliant arrangements for us to fully utilize this opportunity) What amazed me most was the fact that not only did the judges point out areas of improvement in our presentations, but also shared, based on individual areas of expertise, their recommendations on the business problem with us.

Post the presentation rounds, we all headed to the CAP Celebration at the Graduate Lounge where some delicacies from all the CAP countries awaited us. With our flights scheduled for tomorrow, we are in readiness to plunge into the real world after a year’s break. I am confident that these are going to be two of the most memorable weeks in the lives of all of those involved.




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