Some serious work…

The Turkey-CAP teams spent a lot of time this week, working on the final report and the presentation for their clients. Dr. Akyuz has been guiding the groups on these deliverables for over a month now. As we get closer to the date of our final presentation, every team is putting additional hours in to provide the best solution to their clients. Some of the teams have been attending extra hours with Dr. Akyuz for meetings focused on the problems related their projects.


We are now getting closer to experiencing the best part about the Consulting Abroad Program, which is getting an opportunity to implement the concepts that we learnt throughout our first-year in the MBA Program. It tests our ability to implement those theories that we learnt in a classroom, while trying to solve real-world problems. Based on the first draft of our Client report, we have received some valuable feedback from Dr. Akyuz. For some teams, it comes as a signal that they are on the right track, while for others, it sends a message that there is more expected from future GWSB MBA’s. Although this is an extremely challenging assignment, the experience definitely remains one of the most engaging and enriching ones during my first-year. Solely based on the practical value of this course, I can say that this is one of the major reasons why leaders who aim to become Global MBA’s in the future should come to GWU. 


Students were given a huge boost when Dean Riddle spoke to individual teams in our weekly session to provide her expertise on particular issues where the groups needed advise. The teams are now beginning to finalize their recommendations for the clients. In the coming weeks, I will share the thoughts of our individual CAP MBA’s about how the Program is turning out and how much they have learnt through this.


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