Final Project Due Date: midnight, tonight.

My group (insurance) is currently holed up in a breakout room of Duques.  While some are finalizing the appendix, others are ensuring citations are in APA format, and still others are deciding where to order pizza from.  This is a part of business school I secretly like.  Maybe that makes me a masochist, but if you have a good group, working together, burning the midnight oil and arriving at a solid product can be a good time.

I saw the Asset Managers group leave the breakout room across the hall  about 30 minutes ago.  Two other breakout rooms are still occupied – perhaps working on their CAP projects, or maybe other finals preparations.

Tomorrow we give our mock presentation to receive feedback we can use to perfect it for when we arrive in Mumbai.  Following our presentations, Professor Phene has arranged a panel discussion to help prepare us for our travels.  I can’t stress enough how well-structured our course was on two fronts – academically and culturally.  We’ve learned an incredible amount about India in such a short period of time; from the rising political discontent of the middle class, to how come Indian companies are approaching CSR, to various paradigms around the idea of corruption.

We are well-equipped to present a polished product to our client, and ready to enjoy and appreciate a wonderful country simultaneously. Time to turn in our assignment…


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