#1 on TripAdvisor…

Working hard, final project approaching, mock presentation next week… blah blah blah… Let’s talk about the fun stuff… We’ve been UPGRADED to the NICEST hotel in Mumbai – at least that’s what TripAdvisor tells us.  #1 out of 358.

So we received our updated itinerary from Professor Phene.  Everything looks as expected except Day 1 – “Check into the Taj Palace Hotel.”  Go ahead, check it out for yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, rafting down the Amazon sounds like an amazing adventure.  But I’d like all you Brazil CAPpers to remember the pictures of our cabanas by the pool when those bird-sized flesh-eating insects start attacking.

I’m kidding (halfway), but clearly can’t hide some of my excitement to come back here after a long day of business in Mumbai.

Here you go Brazil…


Update on projects:  They are moving along nicely.  Dr. Nielsen and Dean Riddle were going around to each group last Friday helping us identify any obstacles to completion of our projects: information gaps, research requirements, or other general questions.  We will be giving our mock presentations soon. Work is getting closer to completion and we are feeling more confident and ready to give CRISIL their finished products.

Random Insights:  Not sure when the last time you received immunizations is, but wow – I couldn’t life my left arm for almost 3 days (tetanus shot will do that to you).  The nurse who was administering said shot mentioned she’d seen a lot of GMBA students over the past week for their immunizations.  I couldn’t help but ask if any of the men got freaked out and wouldn’t cooperate.  She started cracking up and though she wouldn’t give any names, said that there were one or two.

Flying Virgin Alantic to Mumbai – Countdown continues…


Mumbai, Out.



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