Getting to know Turkey…

In the past week, most of us have taken major steps towards understanding a lot about Turkey and its culture. Be it through the visit to the Turkish embassy or dining at a Turkish Restaurant – ‘Levante’, this was a week which brought us a lot closer to knowing the culture of the country. Some of the group members may say the quiz on Turkish history and the current political and business environment that we took during the week was also a part of this ‘Getting to know Turkey’ week !! 



GWUSB MBA Students at the Turkish Embassy

The discussions with the diplomats at the Turkish embassy added a completely different perspective to how the middle-east and the Euro zone are viewed by people like me who are not a part of the region. The discussion about Turkey’s current relations with other countries through one of the most important political and economic periods for the world was especially engaging. The diplomats, too, enjoyed answering intelligent questions asked by some of our folks with exceptional experience in International Business and political issues pertaining to the region. The visit to the embassy also facilitated the application for the Turkish Visa required by most of our International Students including me.(Is that fine Lydia ??) 


Enjoying Turkish food at ‘Levante’

Later in the day we enjoyed some of Turkey’s delicacies at a restaurant in DC. This experience had more of the fun quotient associated with it. Relishing the kebabs, sauces and the exotic deserts were as close as one could get to Turkey and yet be in DC. Some of us enjoyed the famous Turkish coffee and a few adventurous ones tried the delicious drink – Raki, normally served with seafood in the Mediterranean.


GWUSB MBA’s with their close-ones at ‘Levante’

This week was also one when most of the project groups directly communicated with our respective clients through either Skype or conference calls. After talking to a few individual representatives from some of the groups, my understanding was that the teams are looking forward to the upcoming challenges and live up to the expectations from GWU MBA’s.

Personal Touch: The first thing I remember about Turkey is watching on TV, as a kid, what many would argue is ‘The best football game played in the modern era’. I cannot be more excited after knowing that we may visit the amazing football stadium in Istanbul where the epic Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan was played some years ago. Woohoo !!



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