Peru 2012: Hitting the ground running.

The 20 of us who chose to go to Peru for our Consulting Abroad Practicum got off to a very fast start this year. During our first scheduled class we had the opportunity to meet the head of social innovation for Belcorp, Claudia Belmont. We were all very excited to get to learn firsthand from the daughter of Belcorp’s CEO but it also meant we had to spend the break translating and processing a pretty large stack of documents that she had provided to us.

Thank you Claudia Belmont for taking the time to come visit us

We learned about the many initiatives that Belcorp has undertaken to empower women in Peru as well as most of South America. The purpose of our projects is to help Belcorp not only in their mission to become the #1 sales cosmetics company in South America, but also strengthen their social programs and integrate them into their sales forces. We had a second opportunity to ask more in depth questions on how our work can help Belcorp from their Social Responsibility manager, Danielle Barbieri, when she visited GW barely a week after Claudia.

At times it has felt a little overwhelming, the speed that we’ve been moving at, but that doesn’t mean spirits aren’t high among the team. Some of us are planning a trip to a Peruvian restaurant near campus but most importantly Professor Lucea continues to tempt us with the prospect of drinking Pisco Sours when we finally arrive in Lima.


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