Mumbai – one month away

Our India CAP is well under way.  It should be no surprise to anyone that Professor Phene has been putting forth a very well-structured and organized course.  The amount of additional resources she has provided for us, the amazing speakers she has brought in, and the high expectations she has conveyed are reassuring me that the India CAP was a great choice!  It’s quite comforting to have such a strong captain steering the ship (extra credit points for flattering comments???).

In addition to learning more about the Dodd-Frank legislative reform than I would ever wish on another person, we’ve also had the opportunity

Dr. Lissack

Dr. Lissack with some of the India CAP group

to meet Chris Graham (Director of Business Development CRISIL’s US business arm, Irevna), heard from Dr. Michael Lissack (the famous Smith Barney whistle-blower in the 90’s), and learned about how financial reforms affect Robert Graffam’s international private equity firm (Darby Overseas Investments).  The deliverables for the course have been critical in keeping the projects on pace and the speakers have provided both support and perspective.

Indian Visa

A hard-fought battle won...


It’s too bad Professor Phene can’t run the Indian embassy’s outsourced visa processing center too (insert situational irony comment here).  However, after multiple trips, the same conversation 10 times, and 3 weeks, I now have my visa and am ready for Mumbai.  Most students have already had their immunizations/vaccinations checkup – still on my list of things to do – and the excitement is certainly building.




Takeaways from the first 3-4 weeks of the CAP class:

  • Start gathering primary research early – as much as individuals are receptive to helping grad students, it usually won’t be a top priority for them.  Find that balance between persistence and pushy.  Friendly reminders are necessary, but keep in mind this isn’t on the list of all of the things they get paid to do.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions: clarifying the scope of the project is necessary.  Even if the client recognizes the project has a broadly defined outcome, explicitly acknowledging this fact properly sets the expectation of the group’s final deliverable.
  • Wall Street is evil: I say this in jest, but by participating in a discussion with Dr. Lissack for two hours, one could easily walk away thinking that.  It was very interesting to hear his inside take on the industry.

Last note: Mumbai’s average high temperatures and humidity register during the month of May– #GladOurHotelHasAPool!


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