Merhaba Turkey

As Washington DC says ‘Astalavista’ to one of its best winters in recent years, a group of business students in the US capital is trying to ensure that industries in Turkey enjoy good weather in the future. The twenty-two Global MBA students from The George Washington University School of Business are tasked with various projects with Turkish companies like Ford Otosan and Acibadem that want to utilize the expertise of these bright minds to grow their businesses locally and across national borders.

Being one of the those twenty-two, I have spent a lot of time with the group and Dr. Akyuz, who will be supervising the project. As we venture out to try and make an impact on global businesses, judging from the enthusiasm of all those involved, it looks like this ride is going to be a breath-taking experience!!


Turkey shares its borders with Asia and Europe. This amazing geographic location has added a measure of uniqueness to most things associated with life in this country. This also gives us an extremely interesting task of trying to understand the people, the market and the everyday business issues related to it.

The group of 22 is divided into 5 teams based on individual projects. Four of the five teams are working with the auto-manufacturing company Ford Otosan and one with the Healthcare business leaders Acibadem. My team is working on the branding of Ford Otosan cars so as to attract the Turkish youth. The other projects with Ford Otosan involve Finance, IT and Human Resources solutions for the automobile giants. The team working with Acibadem is trying to assist the Healthcare firm to tap into the huge medical tourism market in the US. Along with Prof. Akyuz, we will be working on our projects over the course of the next 30 days, at the end of which, we will head to Istanbul, Turkey to present our ideas and solutions to the clients, which is the most anticipated part of this ‘epic’ journey. Personally, I cannot wait to go to a Turkish restaurant and enjoy some of their world famous delicacies like the “Sis Kebab”!!


One thought on “Merhaba Turkey

  1. You forgot the strategy team working on truck business.
    Anyways,we can try the ‘Sis Kebab’ at Levante’s tomorrow.
    Let’s experience the Turkish delicacies with Prof. Akyuz in DC. Hope to see everyone there !!

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