Bom Dia from GW to the Amazon!

Our CAP adventure just started getting real! On Wednesday we finally got the chance to put a face to the name Projeto Saude e Alegria (PSA) when we met with David P.  via Skype.  After some technical difficulties, which remarkably happened on our end and not from the depth of the Amazon, David told us about his organization and reviewed the memorandum of understandings that we had submitted to him a few days before. In short, our CAP group is divided in 4 teams who will each examine a different business venture of the community of Ana (Don’t bother trying to look it up on googlemaps, it’s a tiny village on the Amazon river). My group will look at the Honey Bee venture; our goal after assessing the current industry will be to recommend viable ways to expand production through new technology or new business opportunities such as leasing of hives to neighboring villages.  Other groups will look at Ana’s fish farming, handicraft and eco-tourism activities.

Our first client meeting with David from PSA. Professor Robles was our translator.

Needless to say we all have a lot of work to do ahead of us, but this is one of the rare occasion where what we are doing in the classroom directly translate into changing people’s lives in the “real world”. Next step to look forward to for the BusyBees (potentially our team name, i’ll need to work on that!) is to go through all of our Portuguese resources and find out about the bees of the Amazon, visit the bee center of the USDA and other bee facility nearby.  Next personal step: buy some honey, I’ve been craving it since I started writing about it.


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