The ‘Best Of’ Brazil

Our trip has finally come to a close, but before I write one last blog post summing everything up, I wanted to sum up the best moments of our Brazil trip… in photos.  So, presenting to you, the ‘Best of’ Brazil!

Best Workout Sesh

Yes, this one goes to the lovely Sarah Durkin, who was so anxious to work off her large steak dinner that she forgot to throw on her workout clothes.

Best Hat

I don't think there's any explanation needed here

Coolest Sandcastle

“I built that”

Cheesiest Pose

Alex would prefer I call this the “Coolest Person” photo.  Whatever works.

Best Yoga on the Beach

Comment number one – Yes, Yoga on the Beach is not made up; it is a real thing they do here in Rio. Comment number two – Durkin must really like working out?

Best Beach Volley Game

Beach + Volley = we definitely need some practice

Best Bromance

Again, no explanation needed

Best IRP!


One thought on “The ‘Best Of’ Brazil

  1. Guys, this is great. Thanks for affirming yet again my desire to be in this program. As an incoming MBA student, this is just the kind of stuff I like to see. It looks like a lot of fun, but all with hard work, and all for a cause.

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