Early Bird Special

The average age in Turkey is 29. The average age in Bodrum (a beautiful city in Turkey), at our lovely beach resort, is 65.

When we arrived, it was dusk with a wonderful breeze coming off the water. This was our view as we dined on grilled fresh fish.

Why yes, that is our own personal dock-pier-boat thing.

There was also a live band playing “artistic” covers of American hits. Midway through the evening festivities, the band took a break and the resort entertainers declared a LIMBO contest. Well, obviously, we had to represent GW proudly and took the dance floor. Our competition was stiff and we left broken hips and broken hearts in the wake of our utter limbo domination. You are looking at the Limbo Queen, or what they now call me at this resort when they forget my name (everyday, they forget my name everyday).

My prize for winning was a “Molotov cocktail”, though I’m pretty sure that one was lost in translation.


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