Viking Village

Sunday was indeed a fun day. We went to visit a place called AH Frösåkers Brygga. This is basically an almost exact replication of a viking village. It was fantastic. The people there were pretty much living in viking times, wearing their same clothes, cooking with the same equipment used back then and…you get the idea.

  •  Introduction to Viking-Ville

Our Viking guide addressing the group

  We were given an introduction to the viking culture and how the heritage has   passed down through the blood lines over hundreds of years. The room we are sitting in was fascinating. It contained so many real artifacts from the era and, initially, everyone was walking around in awe at this historical playroom they stumbled upon.We were informed about common misconceptions. A particularly interesting one was how vikings were dirty people. The truth is that they went to great lengths to be hygienic in their day-to-day lifestyles.

  •  A very interesting coin

Ancient Islamic Coin

International trade existed between the vikings and many other civilizations from widely dispersed parts of the world. The famous silk road that winded from the Far East through India, Arabia and Persia to Europe was a common trade route. According to our guide, this coin is over 1,000 years old. It was the form of currency used to pay Arab merchants most likely in Damascus, Syria who manufactured and/or transported such goods as swords, shields and silk. Hence, much like today, there was an active movement of goods from East to West. To me, this coin is fascinating. Lamiaa pointed out very correctly that the language on this coin is Arabic and reads ‘La ilaha illa Allah’. Translation: ‘ There is no god but Allah ‘.  

Aragon not only has a cool Lord of the Rings name, he is also very powerful and can pull some impressive weight in terms of carriage and transportation load.

Let's pretend they know what they're doing

Viking on a smaller boat

A real Viking warrior (really)


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