To Montenegro

You can take the recent lack of posts as a sign that I’ve been having fun. Or, at least, that I’ve been busy. Since our last chat, I’ve finished my IRP, left Serbia, and experienced Bill Clinton. Let’s move backwards…

Bill Clinton

Rachel and I are in Budva, Montenegro, playing Texas Hold’em with Vesper Lynd taking a much deserved break from meat platters and power point presentations. We arrived this afternoon after an overnight train ride that included an early morning breakdown. We’d been alternately warned to avoid the bus and avoid the train to Montenegro. Maybe neither are ideal, but if Montenegro’s the destination, getting there any way is worth it.

The days leading up to our departure were filled with final rounds of presentations. This time, though, our clients came and we presented our actual proposals. Exciting stuff! It was amazing to see how each team upped their game over the last round of run-throughs. One after another, each group nailed their final presentation. So, by the time my group, Team Biotrend, took to the projector, the ante had been seriously upped.

I don’t know how the other trips stack up, but for us these projects have been great capstones to all of our school work over the past year. We came for a marketing project, but every lesson, from Lucea’s International Management to Kulp’s Managerial Accounting, to Timm’s Business Communications came rushing back. Most of all, if you talk to my fellow Dobra Cobra’s, you’ll find a lot learned about working in teams, under pressure, with little direction.

Most IRPs had big projects working on big important stuff. We, in Serbia, had more modest projects; helping a mother and son sell some family recipes in a neighboring country, for one. But when the scope is small and the client company’s management is intimate, the depth of the experience just grows amazingly. Each of us had to call on the best that we could give to these amazing companies. In turn, they gave us their best too (in my team’s case, they gave us hand-made aprons!)

Now, we’re all done and the Dobra Cobras are scattered across Europe. Drew’s off to Turkey. Lissi and Aleena are in Croatia. Karen is in Greece. Varun’s heading back to India. Elliot’s in Rome… and Rachel and I are off to our trek through Montenegro and Bosnia. Even with all these new adventures and distractions, I bet that most of us are still thinking about Serbia, our clients, our new friends, and the unbelievable experience we had there.


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