Game Day

On Thursday May 19th, the day came when we presented our conclusive findings via formal PowerPoint presentation to our respective clients, professor Helm, representatives from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The venue was also very special because the event took place in a fancy, dated conference room of an 18th century hotel. Apparently, just next door, were the offices of the historically famous Swedish East Indian Company.

As the presentation commenced, I realized how this morning represented the climax for the past 3 months worth of work with the clients. I remember how, initially, there was a mountain of work to be done and that now it was all coming to end in a nicely packaged presentation that could very well affect the future of each of the companies.  Not only that, this moment represented the end of the first year of the MBA program where we applied all we had learned during the first 4 modules of the program to the consulting project for a real company in another country.  I can tell you that the final round of applause, after the last group presented, carved a deep smile on my face.

And that’s a wrap for this blog! Although blog posts do not always do real life experiences much justice, I hope you enjoyed reading and have a good idea of what the Swedish IRP was like.

The participants of the Sweden 2011 IRP


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