Back to reality…..Gooooooood Morning Vietnam!!!

I know, I know…you saw that one coming. 

I have to apologize to all of the Vietnam IRP followers.  I have not posted in awhile and there are a couple of reasons. 

The biggest reason has been the fact that switching from vacation to work has been a jolt to reality, as I am sure you all are quite familiar with.  Day one started off as a busy one where we spent the morning with Deutsche Bank learning about financial status of Vietnam.  It was there that we realized that Vietnam still has many unconventional ways of raising capital.  All I can say, or anyone else in the group for that matter, is what we were told…..the market lacks transparency.  Allowing more transparency leads to a lack of control, which none of investors or business professionals in Vietnam seem ready to give up.   We then moved back to our hotel for an overview of the hotel market and on to SSI where we again heard about the financial status of Vietnam, including the effects of inflation, unstable currency rates, and the usual obstacles that come with developing an emerging economy.  Our week continued with many meetings with real estate developers and financial institutions.  I can give you better descriptions in upcoming posts. 

That brings me to my next point.  You will notice that there are not many pictures in this blog.  One of the most important items I needed to bring was a camera cord.  Two cameras, one cord, and the wrong file types coming from the camera that has a cord leads to a boring looking blog.  Plus, I don’t want to make you all jealous with the amazing pictures we have from different travels ;). 

I also don’t want to make the other bloggers jealous….one of the highlights of the very first night was our encounter with Joe Jackson. For those of you that don’t know, it is Michael Jackson’s father.  It was a huge virtual fork in the road for me as I am a huge Michael Jackson fan.  I couldn’t decide whether to not like him because of all of his controversial stories or if I should like him because of his DNA.  Either way, it is one of the only pictures I have thanks to one of my classmates.

There are some great pictures from my camera, as well as from others.  More to come….


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