Sightseeing in Brazil

Continuing my previous blog post, of course I must talk about our fabulous time sightseeing.  When visiting Rio, there is typically one of two things tourists must do during their stay – visit the Jesus statue, and take a tram up to Sugarloaf.  So naturally, we did both. 

First we went to see Christ the Redeemer, a national monument that is nearly synonymous with the word “Rio.”  You can practically see this guy from anywhere in the city, but heading up to the mountain and staring up at him from the top was a whole different story, and as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, he was truly incredible to admire.  We learned from our tour guide that he will be lit up yellow at night this month, instead of the typical white, to raise awareness and media coverage for safe driving.    

The tram to Sugarloaf Mountain is split in two rides – the first portion takes you to the lower part of Sugarloaf, where you can walk around, take photos, and grab a bit to eat or shop for souvenirs.  The second part takes you to the very top of the mountain.  And of course, with our luck, it started pouring down rain right as we stepped into the second tram to head to the top.  Despite the torrential downpour, the view from the top was absolutely phenomenal, and I have lots of pictures and videos to prove it!



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