It’s Business Time

It’s Sunday night and it’s business time. Our final client report is due tomorrow morning. By Wednesday, the pdf files we submit will be printed and bound and neatly packaged for the ISE members attending our presentation.

Originally, we planned on working in the hotel’s business center. We imagined the business center as a glorious room with access to printers, computers, and table space upon which we could spread out our research and papers. And maybe with a house-elf or two to bring us coffee and delicious kebab treats. (Yes, I did just reference Harry Potter. Business school has taught me it’s flattering to show off a diverse range of interests. Harry Potter shows how well read and intellectual I am.)

Our business center, otherwise known at the hotel lobby.

I’ll be the first to admit we’ve been spoiled in terms of top-notch business accommodations, so perhaps our expectations were too high. I’m almost tempted to ask if we can just work in the spotlight corridor. At least it’s well lit? (And yes, I did just link to my own post. Business school has taught me it’s always in my best interest to self-advertise. Sidenote: I have beautiful hair.)

Meeting room at Esas Holding

Is Yatirim conference room

Conference room at Koch Holdings

Previously, groups had camped out in Starbucks stores around our hotel. As we discovered, Starbucks has free WiFi but you need a login and password to use it. That information is sent via SMS text, and only to a registered Turkish phone. Our group had to convince one of the employees to let us use his login information. I use the word “convince” loosely, because it mostly involved us pantomiming the internet. (Yes, I physically had to act out the “internet”. Business school, specifically business communications, has taught me how important body language and hand gestures are when speaking to an audience. Winston Churchill actually pantomimed his way through many famous speeches.)

It’s currently 11:52pm and groups are still furiously working away on their client reports. What can I say? We work hard, we play hard.


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