Hitting the ground running in Stockholm!

This will constitute my first post on Swedish terrain. You might be wondering why, after 5 days, this is my first post. The answer is simple: mayhem! Since we touched down, we have literally been running all over the place for a variety of client-related chores, dinner invitations, various corporate visits and other special events. I was also told that somewhere in the midst of all that there was in fact some sleep.

I arrived on the evening of May 8th and the next day every team met with their corresponding clients for lunch in the hotel. This was followed by an informal sit together with the clients to discuss the findings of the market entry report – without delving into too much detail. We had already sent them the 50-page+ draft the previous week and so the purpose of the meeting was just to answer any important questions. The final presentations will take place in Gothenburg in just under 2 weeks time.

So, after spending most of the day with the clients some of the teams broke off into groups and went off to explore the city. Later that night, my team and I were invited out for dinner by our client to a fancy restaurant called The Gondolen that was just off the shore and overlooked the city. Let me just say the food was great, the view was gorgeous and the company affable.

The next few days were spent exploring Stockholm. Just walking around the city gives one a powerful impression of the richness of its history and the lengths the nation had gone through to get where it is today – being one of the most peaceful countries in the world – and among the richest, by GDP per capita.

A walk through Old Town, Stockholm

The next day we were invited to visit the Swedish Parliament by an associate of one of our client who just so happens to be a respected MP in the conservative party. It was a wonderful experience and we all took a plethora of photographs and learned tons about the history of the Swedish government and its current relationship with the European Council. At one stage we even walked in on a live committee hearing.

Live committee hearing!

Afterward, it was time to bid Stockholm farewell and head out to the old industrial town of Vasteras. Upon our arrival in this little industrial town of population 120,000, we didn’t waste any time in walking around some more with a tour guide and then stopping off for a small group meal to end the day.

Bon Apetite


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