Are you a Sugar Loaf or Queen Victoria?

It started with riding around in the back of a pick up truck on a pineapple farm.  We were visiting our first client, 2 hours away from our hotel, and they decided to start our meeting with a tour of the farm.  Armed with Deet and to the surprise of our client, we decided to jump in the back of the pick up trucks and ride around.  We saw the four types of pineapple: MD2, Smooth Cayenne, Sugar Loaf, and Queen Victoria.  As we “oohed” and “ahhed” at the pineapples, the head of operations for the farm, grabbed one and cut it with a machete for us to try.   We continued to ride around the farm, sampling the different types of pineapple and learning about the operations.  The meeting ended with the CEO asking us if there was a lot of pineapple processing in the US, to which Mark Dixon responds, “No, we are not nearly as good with a machete”.

Many sweaty hours later, we were on our way to meet with the second Pineapple client.  The owner’s son was very hospitable, showing us around his farm and answering our million and half questions.  His knowledge of the systems and the history of the farm was incredibly impressive and we actually ran out of questions!  One team member was sick (most likely food poisoning) and we experienced true Ghanaian hospitality, when the owner’s son took all of us to a hospital and stayed until our teammate was done with the doctor.

Tomorrow the CraftPro (handicraft) teams are meeting with their client so I am sure I will have more adventures to share.


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