Super Ljutko

One of the perks of working with food companies is that you get to eat a lot of great stuff. I think you’re on the wrong residency, Winnie.

Ellen Likes It!

Ellen Likes It!

Today, my teammates Drew, Ellen, and I took turns trying different ruska salatas (russian salads) made by some of our client Biotrend’s competitors. Ruska salata is Biotrend’s main product, yet unfortunately, we could only find their Super Ljutko which happens to be an ultra hot dipping sauce. It turned out to be both really, really hot and really, really good!

We’ve also taken the chance to explore our beautiful new home, Belgrade. It’s a charming town and as our tour guide reminded us today, in 2005 the Financial Times Magazine ranked Belgrade as one of the top 5 destinations for foreign investment in southeastern Europe. That’s right, folks. Serbia’s gone big time.

We were supposed to follow up our bus tour with a walking tour, but the day turned cold and wet (sorry, Ghanaians) and instead we took the time to research and work on our projects (and mend our jet lagged bodies). For dinner, we went out to a traditional, authentic Serbian meal that consisted of about 4 courses served over as many hours. I could describe the the way this meal made us feel, but I’ll just let the bird in the next photo do the explaining for us.

Fat Serbian Bird

Fat Serbian Bird

A last little note: One nice side perk of this whole residency program is that its given us a chance to meld together all the things we’ve learned from our various courses this past year. There’s the marketing plan we’re writing, the international business strategy of taking a domestic company global (only if it adds value, of course), and even moments of operations insight.

Here’s Rachel holding forth on some of the finer points of operations in action at the Geneva International Airport. Be sure to watch for Ellen’s childlike wonder at the surrounding Swiss mountains at 0:38.

For some additional Serbia photo fun, check my flickr stream:


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