Our “legendary chateau”

There is nothing I like more, as a claustrophobic individual who is scared of heights, than flying. But I will have to give credit to Turkish Airlines for trying to make the experience more delicious than usual. They fed us twice on the 10-hour direct flight from DC to Istanbul, and gave us a menu early so we could appropriately salivate in anticipation.

Dinner: Smoked salmon, shepherd’s salad (cucumber, tomato, feta and olives), olive oil and lemon, kofte with rice and grilled vegetables OR grilled chicken with fried eggplant and polenta, and an apricot cake.

Breakfast: fresh fruit, shepherd’s salad, cheddar cheese, a roll, and a cheese omelet with a grilled tomato and hash browns.

Most of us were on the same flight, so we had chartered a bus to take us from the airport to our swank hotel, Palazzo Donizetti. Upon arrival, Lauren and I discovered that the pictures on the hotel’s website are strategically taken to emphasize competitive advantages. Our room has a glorious view of the “atrium”, which is essentially 4 white walls with wires hanging out and a giant spotlight. This picture shows what our room looks like at 1:30am.

But then we found some friends and our “atrium” became a way to communicate between rooms. Lauren just called out, “Spotlight corridor!” and look at all the faces that came out play.

Knock knock, who's there?

Jerry and Mike

The spotlight and the atrium floor


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