And We’re Off!!

At the airport and everyone is in good spirits.  The last few weeks have been a whirlwind so we are all extremely excited to get on the ground.  The secondary research we have done on the individual industries and the possibility of financing the missing middle, has been mostly exhausted so we are looking forward to meeting with our clients and getting first-hand information.

Despite being in a global MBA program, us MBA’s can sometimes be anxious travellers.  Some questions/comments when we all met at the airport:

“I forgot my reading glasses!!” 2 minutes later…”I found my reading glasses!” (in the bottom of her backpack).

“Does anyone have a transformation plug?…wait…transformer plug?…what are they called again?”

“Did everyone lock their bags?!”

“Did everyone take their malaria pills?!?”

“The bug spray put me over the bag limit!”

“Please let there not be a baby sitting near me on the plane”

“Two beautiful ladies and the curly haired man….people with curly hair are nice” – random dude sitting near us at the gate.


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