Leavin’ On a Jet Plane

OK, well, it’s more like “leavin’ on a Boeing 777,” but you get the idea.  I’ve got my bags packed, and I’m ready to head out to Rio de Janeiro!  Of course, due to recent events I had expected the airport to be an absolute zoo, so I decided I should probably arrive at least 3 hours early (plus, you can never know what to expect with DC/Arlington rush hour traffic!)  And then when I heard nightmare stories of a classmate’s flight to Serbia getting cancelled yesterday last-minute, I decided I’d better add an extra hour cushion to my arrival time.  So, it is now officially 7:00pm, and I’m sitting here quietly at gate C4, anxiously awaiting my 10:13pm flight.  (Short story, the airport was a breeze!)  But it’s cool; I brought along 3 good books, including one that Professor Lucea lent me about doing business in Latin America, several mags, and of course my father would never forgive me if I didn’t give him one last goodbye phone call.

Quickly reflecting on the past 7 weeks in our International Residency course, led by Dr. Lisa Delpy-Neirotti, we all learned a lot about Brazil, The Olympics, and the specific consulting project my group has been working on (Spectator Experience).  The other day we had Frank Craig Hill, the Founder and former President of Octagon (formerly Advantage), attend our class and speak to us about Olympic sponsorship and activation, which was great.  We’re all now well-prepared to encounter the meetings, tours, presentations, and of course, fun, that is about to come our way.

Sorry to cut this blog post short, but a few classmates just arrived and I think the “Vino Volo Wine Room” across from gate C3 is calling our names.  Next stop, Brazil!  (Well, San Paulo then Brail).



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