Last Class in DC!

And what a class it was!

The day came when we submitted THE copy of the market entry report that we would show to our clients. Moreover, this last class entailed an in-class mock power point presentation to the professor and the rest of the class. In true American Idol fashion, we were also presenting to a special 3-judge panel consisting of Professors Lucea, Professor Phene and Dean Riddle – all seasoned veterans in international business. Professor Phene taught us the Global Perspectives course in Mod 1 and is one of everyone’s favorite professors. Professor Lucea is currently teaching us his course on international management. We ended up applying a lot of the strategic  frameworks discussed in his class to round out our presentations (and potentially earn brownie points before finals). I should also add that professor Lucea is every female GW MBA’s favorite professor for reasons that transcend academic prowess and drift towards sultry, Latino, physical appearance.

The role of this great academic audience was to give constructive feedback to the presenters so that they could make the final adjustments for their Swedish clients. We were also being critically reviewed by our peers.

It was a long, arduous week of tireless preparation by all teams involved but I can honestly say the finished product impressed the judge panel and the audience. Next stop: SWEDEN.

Team Zpecta (60s rockband name: Jamil & The Zpecta 4) starting its market entry plan presentation

Team Secoil member, Shujing, fielding a question from the Panel

Professor Phene asking the first of a series of questions to Team Heliopsectra during the Q&A.

The Judge Panel {left to right}: Professor Phene, Dean Riddel, Professor Lucea


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