WORK, WORK, WORK, eat, sleep, WORK…

The Sweden-portion of the IRP is scheduled to start on May 8th. Most of us will arrive in Stockholm the same day or a few days earlier. However despite being just over 2 weeks away, the trip still seems like an intangible mirage due to the enormous amount of preparatory work we are currently undertaking in DC.

In a nutshell, there are 4 teams of 5 people. Each team is working with a Swedish client whose core business encompasses the principles of energy efficiency and sustainability. These clients are involved in the bio-fuel, lighting fixture, structural glazing and greenhouse markets. Although every project is unique from the other, the general objective of each team is to create a viable market entry strategy for its client. Professor Helm is a wonderful international marketing instructor but also a taskmaster in the finest sense of the word. Every week since the beginning of the 4th module, we have been required to submit client call reports, memorandums, game plan reports and various presentations in order to remain on track. Just this past Wednesday the first plan of our market entry report was due (a 50-page draft!).

Although the work has been grueling, I will be the first to admit that the experience has been a great simulation in thinking strategically under a lot of time pressure – something most MBAs will be required to do almost everyday in the executive working world.

I leave you with photographs of some of the teams working together in the class (war) room.

Team Heliospectra discussing their progress with Kari, our TA

Team Vida listening intently to Professor Helm's words of wisdom

Zauresh & Ladipo from Team Zpecta putting work aside for an early lunch break


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