GW MBAs + Clean Tech + Sweden = Greatness

When you think of Sweden, the following images might pop in your head: Beautiful people, blond hair, the colours blue & yellow, Vikings, the Arctic northern lights, the word ‘cold’, ice lakes,  Abba, Ikea, Volvo and Saab. I realize I might have missed plenty of other things but that’s alright because over the course of the next month and a half, a group of roughly 20 MBA students from the George Washington University School of Business (aka GWSB), in Washington DC, is going to embark on a remarkable journey. My job will be to enable you to join us on this journey through several blog entries, pictures, videos and other creative avenues of expression I can muster up during our time together. But before I get into all that, let me tell you what this journey is all about…

At the end of the first year of business school, all Global MBA students are required to participate in an international consulting project where they will work with firms to help them achieve their stated objectives. In Sweden, the buzz words are: ‘renewable energy’, ‘sustainability’, ‘energy efficiency’ and… well you get the point. Therefore, all firms we will be consulting sell products and/or services that have some foot prints in these aforementioned domains.

That leads us to one more image you can add to your Swedish snapshot bank: renewable energy. FACT: According to 2009 figures, 48% of Sweden’s total energy supplied was from non-polluting, clean renewable energy sources. That is the highest in the world. Following a string of man-made environmental disasters (the most recent major one being the 2010 BP oil spill) and a history of wars and political tensions over fossil fuel sourcing, the world has a lot to learn from a country like Sweden. Perhaps it is no surprise that Stockholm ranks as one of the select few cities from around the world offering the highest quality of living.

So the way this capstone course is structured, the first portion of the course is spent in Washington DC. During this time all the teams will consult their respective clients, conduct in-depth primary and secondary research and ultimately formulate a consulting report for their clients base on their unique objectives. The second portion will take place in Sweden in May.

For now I am going to add an air of intrigue to this blog (because I can) by stopping right here. Until next time…


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