GW Students Are Bound For Rio

It is ironic that, as I am sitting here just beginning my 6-hour flight to London where I will be spending my much-anticipated spring break, I am already thinking and blogging about my next travel abroad experience.  In Brazil.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   

First of all, let me step back a moment to formally introduce myself and my role with this blog.  My name is Andrea (pronounced “On”-drea, as every professor has learned the hard way during roll call, as the class bursts into giggles remembering the speech I gave on the first day of Business Communications class about how people always mispronounce my name) and I am a first-year MBA student here at GW, studying marketing and sports business.  As a requirement for the Global MBA program, we have to complete a global residency project, where we take a seven-week class pertaining to a specific geographic area and project, then actually travel to our assigned country for two weeks to act as consultants and present our project recommendations to clients.  This is our big opportunity to put what we’ve learned during the first year of our MBA education to the test and act as real consultants for real clients.  The region I’ve been assigned to is Brazil.  And the client?  The 2016 Olympic Games. 

Our residency project will be run by Dr. Lisa Deply Neirotti, who leads the sports management department here at GW and has worked in the industry for many, many years.  I, for one, am very excited to take part in such a phenomenal project, and to learn more about Brazil, one of the fastest-growing economic countries, and the Olympic movement.      

During our first class, we learned all about the Olympic pillars on which the symbolic foundation of the games is based, as well as the various Olympic organizing committees and the massive process a country has to go through when hosting the games.  However, I think the thing we were all most excited to learn was more information about the specific consulting projects and which ones we would be assigned to.  Projects range from branding and marketing Brazil through Olympic games to improve their global image, to researching and developing strategies to enhance the in-game experience, to creating a plan for using mega events to increase international business opportunities.  We should learn which specific project we are assigned to during the next class period.  But until then, Adeus até a próxima vez! (That’s “Goodbye until next time” in Portuguese.) 


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