Presentation to the companies

How do you summarize two months of research between 10 people into an hour presentation?

It isn’t easy, as you can imagine.

Thanks to a lot of teamwork, guidance from our spirited leader and good contact with our clients, we were able to design and deliver 50-minute power point presentations. Each group (SK Energy and Hyosung) also produced an annotated paper that we also sent to our respective companies, which enabled our presentations to highlight what we felt to be our real value-added points.

In designing our power points, we had to pay attention to not only the material, but also the manner in which we presented it. Through our interactions with the companies, as well as our experiences in being on the other end of power point presentations in Korea, we were able to adapt our presentations to cater to our clients.

After the SK Group presented, the company challenged the presenters with several questions, and then remarked at how the group had come up with ideas and observations that company had been working on for months.

The Hyosung group had a great brainstorming session with the company following its presentation, as some of the company’s top executives were heading to the United States to present to investors.

Overall, both companies were quite impressed with the work we put in, and asked to stay in touch with us.


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