Mumbai – Part deux

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Day 11

Another early morning wake up call – We had to travel to Nasik  to visit our client’s Automotive plant.  Nasik is a town situated about 120 miles away from Mumbai. The visit was interesting as we got to see the presentation by the client on their product. We were glad to find that most of our recommendations were being carried out by the client which actually conveyed to us that the team was on right track on the project. After the presentations, we got an opportunity to see their state of art facility manufacturing of their products. For many of us, it was the first time that we got to see how the cars and light trucks are being manufactured and assembled. It was interesting to see how the manufacturing takes place in a developing country. After the visit, we returned to Mumbai and it was already 11 at night. whew!

Day 12

The final day of our project! We had put all our learnings together from our visits to  companies across India, their strategies in entering new markets abroad and incorporated them in the final submission to our client. The project was indeed a great learning experience especially to know the differences across borders and how to tackle them successfully. We bid adieu to our friends at our client company’s management and left for our dinner at South Mumbai. En route to the restaurant we  visited  hanging gardens, Gateway of India etc., The restaurant was tastefully built in Mughal style and the food was wonderful. We relished the dinner and then we presented gifts and thanked  Prof Sanjay Jain, Bryan Andriano, Associate Director of International Education and Programs and  Sarah Dougherty, Executive Associate, for their efforts to ensure a flawless execution of the entire project and organizing this wonderful trip.

Looking back, It was definitely a wonderful learning process for all of us that came to India. It was a different world for many of us, the historical places, the varied cultural differences between the states, India was indeed incredible. The learnings from the project will definitely be etched on our minds forever.


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