Bangalore (aka Bengaluru)

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Day 7 …..Continued

After a early morning visit to the Taj, we started back on our journey to Delhi to catch our flight to Bangalore our next destination. Bangalore was a welcome change as the weather was very pleasant compared to the super hot Delhi weather. By this time, we had gotten used to the busy travel schedule from one city to another reaching at night and waking up next morning early for our company visits.

Day 8.

We started early on our visit to Infosys – an information technology services company headquartered in Bangalore. Infosys is one of the largest IT companies in India with around 100k + employees (including subsidiaries). It has offices in 22 countries and development centers in India, China, Australia, UK, Canada and Japan.We were delighted as the presentation about the company was carried out by one of the founders Mr Ganesh. It was a great learning to know how a company grew from a mere $250 to $4.8 bn without any compromise on ethical issues. Given an environment in which the company operates, the Infosys way of handling ethical issues was a wonderful learning for each one of us. After the presentation, we were taken around its  impressive environment friendly office complex. The lunch was the highlight at Infosys. Our lunch was laid out on a banana leaf which was in a typical “South Indian ” fashion. We had our lunch with our hands and it really was a treat.

Day 9

We visited the IBM India office at Bangalore and the presentation was on their global growth and how IBM tackled global markets. It was interesting to find out how our classroom learnings are applied in real life situations in corporations like IBM.

Day 10

The visit today was to NXP Semi conductors, formerly a division of Philips. The presentation about the company was carried out by Mr. Neeraj Paliwal, VP and MD of the company. The Presentation was indeed interesting and I could associate with the “Management of technology and innovation” course (It is a selective course , please do contact me to know more about it). The course was helpful in understanding the strategy of the company and in understanding the different curves he explained. Prof. Jain took a class on Porter’s five forces model for the understanding of the  management of the company. After the presentation, the entire IRP team was organised into smaller teams and helped the management in applying the five forces model in their environment. We then, had a quick lunch and hurried to the airport to catch our flight back to Mumbai.


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