Over & Out from Mexico City

Ciudad de Mexico

It’s now been a week+ since we wrapped up our final projects. I think Priya Tayal & I are the last of our group to still be here in Mexico. According to Facebook however, a good number of our GMBA 2011 colleagues are still MIA in the various corners of the world where their residencies left them, though we are increasingly trickling back to the district for summer internships and – just as importantly – World Cup Fever!

The last stretch of the Mexico residency was, um, something of a Triathalon. Because so much of our research was done in-country – visiting Mexican microfinance institutions, MasterCard HQ, government housing bureaucrats – our final findings and presentations were written, edited, printed, powerpointed, rehearsed and presented within the last 72 hours of our trip. Without getting into the gory details, there was an overall shortage of sleep, an oversupply of group meetings, and a rather high stress-level throughout.

Caja San Nicholas & Credituyo clients and IRP teams, with Prof Bhatia & Dean Murat

On Wednesday (one day out from final presentations) our clients flew down from Monterrey, where they are headquartered and operate, and where we were not working due to recent local unrest & violence. This allowed us to meet them and enjoy a reception (ie. study break) before – in most cases – pulling all-nighters getting our reports and presentations finished.

Priya Tayal (right) with Prof. Bhatia (left) & Credituyo CEO Francisco Perales

Finally, Thursday: final presentations! Which went smashingly, and seemed to leave clients, professor & students all satisfied and ready for an evening of tequila. Which may or may not have unfolded. I’m not sayin’.


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