The Final Countdown

Belgrade, Serbia

The last week of our Serbian experience has been a whirlwind. With our client presentations fast approaching we spent the majority of the week working on our marketing plans. Late nights and group meetings dominated our days. On Wednesday, the first group (of which there are five) presented to their client. The response was amazing. This group established a high standard that the rest of the groups strove to achieve. From there on out, each presentation hit it out of the park. The best part was seeing the reaction of the clients. Each client was impressed with the effort that we put into our projects and also very thankful for the insight and recommendations we gave them. One client in particular even emailed our professor after the fact and asked for confirmation that the group that worked with her company would receive an “A” for the class. The only fly in the ointment was that one client failed to attend the final presentation (my group). It was disappointing that we were not able to show our client in person all of the hard work that we put in for their company, however, I am confident that the reaction would have been positive as well. We were told repeatedly while preparing for this trip that nothing would go as planned. We were encouraged to remain flexible and be positive no matter what circumstances were thrown our way. I think my group handled the disappointment well and was still able to rejoice with the other groups as they received praise from their clients. Overall, I can say that I am deeply impressed with my fellow classmates and travel companions and I am proud to have had this opportunity to work with them.


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