Serbia: The Top Ten List

Somewhere over Europe

As I sit on a Jat Airways flight, flying away from Belgrade, I am reflecting on the past two weeks and thinking about my favorite things about this experience. In no particular order I will share my top ten list:

  1. The beds at Hotel Moskva (seriously, they are heavenly)
  2. Neda, our wonderful Serbian trip coordinator. We all fell in love with her.
  3. The Frikom ice cream freezers on every street corner
  4. Skadarlija, the “bohemian” neighborhood, and the wonderful restaurants there
  5. The mantija I ate at Hotel Balkan
  6. The safe streets of Belgrade
  7. The abundance of hazelnut flavored treats
  8. The seminar we attended at University of Belgrade
  9. Gaining a deeper understanding of the history of Serbia
  10. The warmth of the Serbian people, who are truly the nicest people I’ve ever met

Until next time Beograd. Its been wonderful. Hvala.


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