New Delhi

Evening- 3 After being greeted at the New Delhi Airport in a traditional way with garlands, we headed to our hotel. We were tired after a long day and yet there were some diehards that ventured into the city to be disappointed later to find the non existent night life.

Day-4 The capital city was much better than Mumbai in terms of broader roads, but the  increase in number of vehicles in Delhi made up for the broader roads and made it look similar.  To combat the chaotic traffic we started earlier to Gurgaon, a satellite township of New Delhi. Gurgaon was a small village a decade ago, but now, it is a city with modern buildings and with a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) it is an attractive destination to businesses across the globe.

The first visit was to a Legal business processing organization – United Lex.  The Presentation by the founder of the company threw light on the legal processing industry in general and in particular about United Lex. After taking a look at their operations and their office, we stopped at Ambience Mall, the largest Mall in India. We had a quick lunch at the mall and got ready for the next visit.

SREI is an Infrastructure institution and we learnt a lot about PPP (Public Private Partnership model).  This model seems to be quintessential for India’s growth. From our visit to the Nation’s top two cities, we felt the need for drastic improvement in the country’s infrastructure to support its rapid economic growth. Although India is poised for positioning itself as one of the biggest economies in the world, the infrastructure needs a boost. With cost based advantages, India is growing  now, but without a proper infrastructure in place, it may become difficult to sustain it in future. Thus the private sector in India has a major role in developing the country’s infrastructure.

Day -5 We visited the American Center  and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India. These visits gave us a perspective on the government environment and we  learned how best we can use them strategically in our businesses.

After the completion of the above visits we were excited about the sight seeing in New Delhi and  our visit to the world famous Taj Mahal at Agra in the weekend.


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