Speed train

Amtrak eat your heart out.

Korean trains are fast, efficiently operated and clean. Basically 1/Amtrak.

We experienced the wonder that is the Korean speed train Friday on our trip from Seoul to Daejeon, an industrial city in the south of the country.

Our train cracked 300 km/hour, although you’d be hard pressed to know it without looking at the speed on the live TV feed (yes, there was a live TV station on the train). We were also amazed by the train stations, which in addition to having a Dunkin Donuts (DD, along with Baskin Robbins, Outback Stakehouse and Bennigan’s, are ubiquitous) had insanely logical signs showing where the cars for a specific train would stop, allowing us to line up in front of our car before it arrived, thus ensuring an efficient boarding process.

Who knew train travel could be pleasurable and affordable? Korean trains make the D.C. to NYC Accela seem like fording the river on the Oregon Trail (while Zeke contracts dysentery and we all must endure bare-bones rations).


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