G.W Alums in Seoul

Wednesday night after a full day of hard work, the entire Korea group came together for a GW alumni association dinner.

The dinner was hosted by the local chapter of the GW alumni association, and more than 10 local alums came to greet us.

After the exchange of business cards and some good banter, we sat down to a 20-course meal that gave us a taste of just about every type of Korean dish one could imagine. The majority of the dishes had a bit of kimchee influence, which for some was welcomed, while for others it might have been a bit of overload.

Several of us were fortunate to have great exchanges with the alums. I had the pleasure of chatting with S.S. Kim, who works for Qualcomm but has worked with Korean sports agents. Mr. Kim had many great stories of his time at GW where he was the manager of the basketball squad (from when the team won only one game to when the team had its best-ever season). Also, Mr. Kim had some fun stories of his days working in Korean baseball.

At the end of our long evening, we posed for a picture to the cheer of “We are GW, we make great world!” a derivative off of our school’s creed.


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