India Residency MIA?

Finally!  A post from India!  It’s not that we haven’t wanted to write. It’s that we haven’t had Internet access/time to write. The India project was intense in DC and our itinerary is equally intense here. Which isn’t to say we’re not enjoying it! But it has been tough finding the time to write about it and post pictures. 

During our stay in India, we’ll be in Mumbai, Delhi, Agra and Bangalore.  Our trip ends where it started, in Mumbai.

On Monday and Tuesday we presented to our client, a prominent manufacturer in India that is looking to enter the U.S. market.   The market entry project was divided into 5 sub-projects: Regulatory, Financing, Competition, Product Design and Digital Marketing.  We did most of the work from DC, which is good in that we don’t have to do as much work on the actual project reports here.  Our itinerary here consists mostly of meetings with different Indian companies, so we can get a sense of the business environment in India. 

Our presentations to the client went very well.   The five teams presented on Monday, and then one representative from each team took part in an integrated project presentation on Tuesday.  The client is very happy with the work we’ve done, which is rewarding!  

Project Presentation Team Members


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