Gateway of India : Mumbai – Part one

The Gateway of India

Mumbai was the first destination for the participants of India IRP. A quick background about the city- It’s the World’s second most populous city with a population of about 14 million. It is also the financial capital of India. It is a city where Slumdogs and Millionaires share the same place! The two distinct sides of the city were very much evident on our drive from the airport to the hotel.

The India IRP Team

Day 1 – The day commenced with the preparation for presentation at the hotel lobby. After finalizing the presentation, we got together for a wonderful treat at the restaurant. Indeed it was a delightful to see the spread of lunch. We pampered ourselves with spicy Indian food and delightful sweet delicacies. After the wonderful lunch,  we visited our client and presented our recommendations. It was interesting to see people fighting the jet lag, trying to keep awake during the presentations! The point of contact at the client’s office was happy with the recommendations. After the presentation, we went to explore Mumbai. The city has a fantastic nightlife and very much a cosmopolitan in nature.

Day 2 -We presented our recommendations to the CEO and the senior management team of our client company. The presenters did a good job and was applauded by the client. The entire India IRP team’s efforts were lauded and were presented with gifts by the client. There was an elaborate lunch organized by the client after the presentation and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Dhobhi Ghat

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at the “Dhobhi Ghat“. It is a well known washers’ area in Mumbai. The washermen known locally as Dhobis work in open to wash the cloths from Mumbai’s hotels and hospitals. There are row upon row of open-air concrete wash pens, each fitted with its own flogging stone. Termed as the world’s largest outdoor laundry Dhobi Ghat is a very popular attraction among tourists.

Day 3– Another day that started early! We visited Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). It is a software services and consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, India. TCS is the largest provider of information technology and business process outsourcing services in India. The Global Head provided us an overview of the entire Tata Group and then in particular about the TCS. The presentation was interesting and it was a great learning for one and all. In my opinion, these presentations are much more convincing and tends to provide a learning that would go a long way in our business career.
The presentation was followed by another one that focused on the globalization journey of TCS. It was really interesting to see the real life application of International Management course frameworks. The TCS guys were very hospitable and hosted a lunch at their office. After the lunch we headed to the Mumbai airport to catch our flight to the Nation’s Capital – New Delhi our next destination. The flight journey was memorable as we enjoyed the Kingfisher flight- India’s five star rated airline.
So, how busy is our IRP? Our De-briefing session was held at the Airport Lounge..Need to say more…?!!


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