Making change, making meetings

Senor Pedro queries the director of ProDesarrollo RE: how fast to get high tech

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Meetings by day and meetings by night – such has been the Mexico team’s Modus Operandi for the last several days. We’ve met with ProDesarrollo – a microfinance trade association of Mexican Sofomes (small, informal Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)) and Cajas (larger, regulated MFIs acting as credit unions), to discuss financial education, failure rates, and interest rate competition.

Ashoka where Todo el mundo puede cambiar el mundo

And with Ashoka Mexico, a social entrepreneurship organization where Everyone’s a Changemaker, and where innovation, social change, global networks, entrepreneurship and the resources to SCALE UP happily fraternize with each other.

And with a microfinance university consortium supported by DAI, who showered us with the insights of their research, their passion for collaboration around the development of microfinance best practices, and gifts to commemorate the illustrious occasion of our engagement.

Today we break into smaller groups to meet up with Compartamos – Mexico’s publically-owned, super-scaled, ground-breaking father of all MFIs (to Grameen’s mother; it’s a messy relationship)… Sociodad Hipotecaria Federal – the government agency that supports housing finance for low-income families… and Prosa – the now-less than largest clearinghouse for electronic bank and credit card transactions in Latin America.

Javier y el Aztec rain god

Our evening meetings are with each other, in our working groups on Technology! Housing! Group Lending! & Deposit Taking! as we refine and develop our feasibility studies and implantation plans for our clients, building in the expertise gleaned from our day meetings.

And yet – somehow – we still find time to master our puppet skills, pay homage to the Aztec rain god, and engage in the real-life, hands-on delights of Ciudad de Mexico’s own special version of Rush Hour Traffic.