From wind farms to windmills

Our fearless teaching assistant, SungHa, led us to the promise land, er, The Maeil Business News – Korea’s leading business news company. The MBN operates a newspaper, 24-hour TV station, radio station and produces and prints several other publications. After a warm welcome and a set of presentations, we were given the grand tour of the impressive building.

We started in the depths of the sub-sub-sub-sub-sub (that’s five for you counting at home) basement, which was only the second-to-lowest level. There, we were awed by the enormity of the printing press, which occupied about three floors.

Next, we toured the TV studios where several of us took the podium and delivered hard news to San Diego (Unique New York, Unique New York).

Our guides led us through the editing and broadcast studios, then ferried us into a live broadcast where, undoubtedly, the anchorwoman was a bit frazzled by a gaggle of MBA’s.

After our tour, we headed up to the 12th floor, which could mean only one thing -penthouse access (for us this came in the form of a saucy dinner with the Editors). We were treated to a wonderful meal, although interestingly enough, the restaurant was Chinese (the entire floor of the building was leased by the Chinese government).

Our hosts provided us with a great meal, not to mention a good explanation of some of the finer points of Korean drinking culture. We learned of the intricacies of a windmill and what our host thoroughly described as H-bombs and A-bombs.

Overall, a grand time was had by all, while we certainly learned a good amount about the business outlook for Korea.


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