STEP In on the Seoul Metro

Another day in Korea brings more learning and enjoyment. The Hyosung group met with the company and learned more about the wind farm projects the company has undertaken and its hopes for the near future.

Meanwhile, those of us in the SK group were hard at work back at our hotel.

In the afternoon, all of us visited the STEPI institute, which took us to the other side of Seoul. Herding more than 20 individuals to the metro line isn’t a difficult task, but changing lines, crossing streets and catching, boarding and exiting buses, as this requires complicated card swipes) buses is a herculean feat for our fearless teaching assistant.

On the metro, one older woman was apparently displeased with us for some reason, and expressed her displeasure with a huff and puff and a big “SHHHHHH.”

Finally, we arrived at SEPTI where the Director of the New Growth Research Center gave us a presentation of some of SEPTI’s general goals and actions it has taken.

Being the insightful and inquisitive MBA students we are, we provided him with a slew of what he deemed difficult questions. Hopefully, we’ll be able to apply some of the information from SEPTI and the Green Growth Korea Commission to help the companies we are working with better achieve their goals.

From the SEPTI institute, we hustled back uptown to our meeting at the Maeil Business Newspaper … more to come, so stay tuned!


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